General Assembly

The General Assembly is the highest deliberative body of the student association. It consists of all students ISCSP and honorary members of AEISCSP, with the voting rights of the latter, depending on the rights granted to them by the current statutes.


The General Assembly meetings are directed by the Board of the General Assembly (MAG) which consists of a president and two secretaries. The purpose of the elements that make up the MAG ensure the proper functioning of this body and the fulfillment of their regiments.

The powers, among others, the General Assembly of AEISCSP:


• To approve the amendment of the statutes;

• Approve the Plan of Activities and Budget and the respective opinion of the Audit Board may introduce the changes deemed appropriate;

• To approve the Activity Report and Accounts Directorate;

• Approving motions of censure;

• Decide on other's internal affairs from AEISCSP appearing on the agenda;

• To elect the members of the governing bodies of AEISCSP.


As you can see, the General Assembly of AEISCSP is the place where all students can participate in decisions that have an influence on their academic life.


The direction of AEISCSP ensures the permanent representation of the Association and students of the Institute.


It is up to this body functions to ensure compliance with the internal rules and regulations, the internal organization in functional departments, managing the economic resources, property management and heritage presentation and execution of the business plan approved at the headquarters of Student General Assembly.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible for monitoring effectively the financial management of AEISCSP, ensuring their accounting transparency. It is the responsibility of this body:


• Analyze and thoroughly enjoy the Annual Accounts Management Report, issuing a reasoned opinion on this, for later presentation and discussion Students' Meeting, ensuring the sustainable management of its financial resources and ensuring the applicability thereof;

• Require the Board of AEISCSP presentation of any documents necessary for the continuation of the Supervisory Board activity, by taking all necessary steps to regular publication of documents that are necessary for discrimination of management by AEISCSP and close students of their reality financial.