The Student Association of the School of Social and Political Sciences (AEISCSP) was established legally in April 1988 and is the associative structure that represents all students ISCSP, defending their rights, aiming to fulfill all its duties and responding swiftly to your every need.


Currently, we represent about 4,000 students (including undergraduate, postgraduate courses, specialization courses, masters and doctorates), working every day so that no detail of the various spheres is slighted, a adequacy of continuous effort and modernization of material and human resources to have the ISCSPianos.


As part of an academic universe that favors the study of social sciences, we can not alienate the need for promotion and export of intellectual production created and enhanced in this century-old educational institution.

The AEISCSP demand in their day-to-day preserve what good we are permitted and improve it to present if necessary, seeking to represent the interests and needs of students and after a series of fruitful mandates regarding the credibility and institutional enhancement, present your Student Association continues to build on the following foundations:

Intervention, representation, proximity


To do this, we reserve us the burden of constantly present innovative projects in a sustainable way will be useful to students and the environment in which we integrate, in a perspective of accountability and social participation.

Former Presidents

Over the years there were many of those who marked the route and history of AEISCSP. Here is the list of former presidents of our Association, from 1988 to the present.

João Louro

Actual President - 2014

Diogo Duarte

2014 - 2012

Marcelo Fonseca

2012 - 2010

Martim Vicente


João Conde

2010 - 2008