Social Action

The Social Action is an increasingly important area in the Portuguese higher level of education, taking into account the socio-economic situation of families. Young people who want to join the Higher Level of Education face up a number of limitations and constraints that often show themselves during the school year, to making it stand out and questioning the continuity of these same students in the higher education system.

The performance of AEISCSP on the level of social action is of a huge relief, since it is leading the reporting of sensitive situations for the competent organs to be aware, being this whether the Institute itself or the Social Services of the University of Lisbon.

Altought, AEISCSP intends to strengthen its relationship with the students, making it the closest of all possible, creating like this a logical exchange of information and diagnosis of sensitive cases, and develop possible perspectives of solutions to the difficulties identified.

If you have any doubt whether the application process to study scholarship in relation to university residences or other issue of this scope comes into contact with our department via e-mail

Student's Departments

The Student's Departments of ISCSP are:

  • Department of Anthropoloy
  • Department of Public Admnistration Students
  • Department of Public Admnistration and Territoty Policies
  • Department of Political Science
  • Department of Comunication Science 
  • Department of Human  Resource Managment
  • Department of Social Service
  • Department of Sociology

These structures representing the students of 9 existing degrees in ISCSP, being a key bridge between the students and the Student Association as a mechanism of representation and membership structure.

Therefore, it makes sense the dynamism of a sector of strategic action as the Nuclear, since it is through this structure that maintains close contact with the students and are noticeable to AEISCSP the problems inherent to each degree, thus making faster to its resolution within our range of skills.

If you need to contact any of these cores, or clarify any questions in respect of its operation and activities, send email to

Communication and Image

A Student Association must maintain its interaction with the students, informing the community about its activities and reporting its defense representation actions in the best interests of students. Taking this assumption into account, the Communication department has a very important area of activity, it is through the dissemination of the initiatives / activities that is made known to the students the actual work that the Association develops toward the same.

This is a key department for AEISCSP, presenting itself as a strategic apex so that students know that the Student Association develops a labor intensive because of all students by themselves represented.

Should you need to disclose some activity together of ISCSPianos, or ask for support in this area, do not hesitate to contact us through